Monday, May 11, 2009

Wow! So much has happened since I've updated here. Of course, a few of you know most of it, so I'll keep the gory details to a minimum.

Let's see...

We've set up the baby shower. It will be at the same restaurant where we had the bridal shower. The people who want it there far out-weigh the people(person) who don't! Hopefully it will be small, intimate, with guests who love Karen and are happy for her good fortune!
A friend on Ravelry referred me to a site where I found the most adorable, perfect invitations. The baby's room will be a little pirate theme, so these are just right!

Karen & I attended my niece's wedding shower at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Pittsburgh. She's not getting married until October, but her maid-of-honor lives in Dublin, so they had the shower while she was back home for a while. Nicole is just so lovely and the nicest young lady! And Justin's pretty cool too! They are a perfect couple!
Pretty Nicole

Karen & me with all the Pittsburgh SIL's

My husband has been officially diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Sort of a shock, but consider his father & grandfather both had it, not as surprising as it otherwise might have been. We have an excellent doctor at Cleveland Clinic, though, so I know he will get the best and newest treatment. There is so much more going on with it now than when his Dad was alive.

I drove to Michigan for MegaMeet last week. It was a great get-away! I met up with my friends Gina & Carolyn and we had a great time. The meet was nice, and I got lots of nice stuff (Glimmer Mist & Anna Griffin booths got lots of my money, as well as the Archiver's in Novi); but even more fun was the Lifetime Moments Warehouse Sale. So much fun to find great bargains that you didn't know you really needed! I bought home quite a packet of goodies for $16! But best of all was getting to see Gina & Carolyn again! We see each other once a year, so I really looked forward to this! We went to Gus O'Connor's for Irish food, beer, and conversation. Good Times!

And finally, Mother's Day was very quiet, but very nice. The kids came over in the evening after spending some time with Josh's mom and moving some boxes into their new apartment. We ordered and Italian feast from Rotelli's and it was really, really good. Although I love going out for those nice buffets, it was nice to eat at home where we could talk and spill stuff and laugh and play with the cats! I have a gift certificate to Lush for some Karma scents! Yum! Patchouli/Orange! And I'm getting something else that had to be special ordered and should be here by August! All I know is that it's not the baby! LOL!

Look at that baby bump!

Gary's been doing some "rehab" on the house. It's been years (decades?) since we've done anything to improve it, and it looks it! Old and shabby...and not the good shabby! So he decided to replace the dropped ceiling tiles in the livingroom. This is a huge task: 60 huge tiles have to be removed and new ones put in their place. One at a time. Dust! Yuck!! And he's been doing it all by himself. He's been doing it in pieces, though as it's a very tiring job. Then, while I was away, he decided to put a new floor in the bathroom and install a new toilet! Things are looking a little better!

I had to take this picture so you could see the immense difference the new ceiling tiles are making!

And I have been scrapping a little. Here are some recent layouts.

Mother & Father to Be
Lots of cutting with the Slice and some Distress Stickles by Tim Holtz!

Any wonder she bites me!

Well, I think that's enough! Till later...



Gine said...

Beautiful pages =)
ss about you DH. Parkinson is a ugly disease but thank God today's medicine is a lot better and so much more for the person affected than earlier. My father was diagnosed about 10 years ago and he is doing very well


kris said...

i left a long comment and it got lost! Love the MM pics! jealous! Sarry about Gary's diagnisis, Karen looks so cute! CAn't wait to see "after" house pics!

Nathalie said...

Wow, you have been busy alright! I am sorry to hear about your Dh's diagnosis.