Friday, May 15, 2009

Quickie Friday Fave 5's... pictures!

1. Learned today that Karen probably won't have to have a c-section! YAY!! She's still high risk, but should be able to deliver naturally. She's thrilled, as this is what she has wanted so badly! I'm pretty happy too! I'm pretty "granola" when it comes to childbirth: I believe in no drugs, or only enough for safety. The way it was meant to be, kwim?

2. We're hiring a company to move the furniture to Karen's apt. I was dreading the thought of Gary helping to carry all that heavy, awkward furniture up to a 2nd floor apt! So today, I found a company that is giving us a decent rate and actually had the date open! I'll have to use next month's scrap & yarn money, but it's so worth it!

3. Saw the Star Trek movie last night. Gary & I went with Karen & Josh and we all LOVED it! So pleased, because there were some really BAD Star Trek movies in the past!

4. My lilacs are blooming! We planted the bush the spring after Karen was born. It has grown old and gnarly, so we severely chopped it back last year. I was pleasantly surprised that, although not full & lush, it produced enough lilacs for some nice, fragrant bouquets!

5. I redeemed one of my Mother's Day presents and got a massage Tuesday. Oh my! It's been a long time! I can only get back massages, but that's okay. It was perfect! I think that as my budget allows, I'll be adding it to my other self-centered indulgences (manicures, good hair cuts & professional color!)

So...what good came of your week?

Have a great week-end!



Lyn said...

What great news for Karen!
And lilacs.....probably my most fav flower of all. They are just about the only thing I miss about living in the North. It's too hot to grow them here. Enjoy them for me too :)

Gine said...

Great fives
LOVE Lilacs

Have a great sunday

Aeify said...

Awesome fives this week!!! I loved the Star Trek movie too!!

Kaytee said...

I love lilacs! We have a really big bush in my mom's back yard. I love the smell!

kris said...

Awesome news for Karen and bambino! So glad about the move, less stress on everyone! Love Lilacs, but I think it's too hot for them here, never see any...