Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She did it again...

...Ali Edwards, that is. Every once in a while, she hits me with something so real it's almost scary! And she'd done it again!

My friend Gina has been sort of subtly bugging me about the fact that I haven't been scrapping. I told her that part of my problem is that I have way too much stuff!

Fast forward to today. I was doing my treatments and reading the latest issue of Creating Keepsakes. Ali's article this month is titles "5 common trouble spots." Blah, blah, blah...so I started to read through the bullet points. BAM! (and I quote) "TROUBLE SPOT #2: Having too much stuff!" What...wait a minute...did she read my mind? So I continued, "Too much stuff may seem like a great thing, but the reality is that too much stuff can actually hold you back in the process of creating. You might end up taking all the time you set aside just choosing what items you want to use on a layout. You might even use up all y0ur time organizing rather than actually creating." What!? Does she live under my scrap table!? She continues with ways to deal with this. Now, granted, it's nothing new - donate, purge, yada yada. But it definitely gave me the incentive to get started with taking this task on full force. I already have 3 large boxes packed in the basement for the Queen's Treasure Sale next month at the getaway. I've put a few things on Craig's list. I've even offered up a few things on freecycle (but I live in an area where 20 people jump on your offer, but nobody every shows up to get it!).

So...my next step is to offer some to my blog readers. Now there's not going to be anything new and exciting (that's the stuff I'm hanging on to, after all!), but it'll be good stuff. The paper may be older, but it will be pretty (I don't buy anything else) and usable; as will the ribbon and whatever else I come up with. (Anyone still want a 7 Gypsies ATC spinner?).

So...first let's start with the basics: card stock. If you know me and my scrapping tastes, you'll know I'm a card stock snob. It's all Bazzill. I have so many pretty colors, but I don't need them all! My go-to colors are black, white, and kraft, so I can signifcantly cut back on the stash. (Listen to me, convincing myself!) I'm offering 25 sheets in various colors. All 12 x 12. (Need 8 1/2 x 11? I can substitute that if you like!) All pristine. All Bazzill. All beautiful colors. The picture is just a sampling of 10 sheets. AND if enough people enter, I'll give away more than one batch. The more who enter, the more I'm willing to give away. Please, only one entry per person though. (Donna Downy had a give-away on her blog recently, and the same person entered at leat 50 times! I think that's selfish and annoying!)

So leave me a comment - tell me what else I should give away - by midnight Saturday, and I will randomly draw a winner Sunday, February 22.

Tell your friends! Everybody needs card stock! (Except me!)



life according to blee said...

OH MY GOSH!! free cardstock. i was just telling jenn that i dont have hardly any red cardstock, but i can use any color. i downsized all of my stuff within the last couple of years, but now that im not working at cord, i am running out of stuff. i would be willing to drive to your house to see what else you have. i dont have anything else to do. just let me know. enter me in your drawing too!

pink said...

Hmmmmmmmmm.....if you've had it over a year and haven't used it, ask yourself "why" you haven't used it. Is it hard to use, you don't love it, or maybe just haven't come across the right photos to use for it.

What else should you give away? Definitely NOT your SU stamps! :)

Tam said...

oh my gosh, I SO need cardstock, the stupid dog decided my craft room was his territory and Marked" all of my cardstock!!!!! I was so upset, he doesn't pee in the living room, the kids rooms, the kitchen ONLY my bedroom and my craftroom! thanks for the chance to win!

KweenScrapper69 said...

you are so wonderful and kind for doing this!

Taryn said...

Hi Linda!
That cardstock is just gorgeous all lined up on your shelves!

I think the next thing you should purge is loose embellies...buttons, flowers, brads, etc. They are easy because you can just throw them all in a big baggie!

Good luck to you in this task!

Angela L. said...

So I won't be a bad girl and suggest that you really should get rid of any AC Thickers that you have and that they should come my way, lol..... perhaps you have a stack of idea books that are taking up room. Run to the library and make copies of the pages that you're inspired by and then get rid of those "bad boys"... after you've filed your copies in a nice binder (maybe one that you've decorated, yourself)! It's so sweet of you to share your goodies (old or new)...

Nathalie said...

Came right over from WT and loved reading your post :) I would love some cardstock in any size (I have maybe 1/10th of what you have on that shelf!)... you want to know what to purge next?
How about those empty containers, tins and other what nots you have kept for "the day you want to alter something"? Don't tell me you don't have any! :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda:

I am loving your storage bins for your cardstock....Are they homemade...come on girlie...spill.

I am thinking that I want something like that in my closet when I get a chance to nail my boy down to do it.

Love the idea you are destashing...and I for one love cardstock and use it on a regular basis for my layouts.


Anonymous said...

Love the storage unit that you have for your cardstock...Is it home made...come on Linda spill the beans.

Cardstock is a favourite of mine also .... use it all the time.

Hope I am one of the lucky one(s).


Gina de Jong said...

do not give me anything, LOL! I just wanted to say - HORRAY!!!!! purging is excellent!!!!

Deneen said...

Free cardstock-oh I could make tags for my creations!

Buttons-that should be what else you should purge, embellishments are nice too-glitter, etc. ;)

northcarmen said...

I love cardstock!!! I don't have a misbehaving animal in the house, just a teeny tiny LSS (I may own more supplies than the store... not sure!). :D


ahiltz said...

I love the look of your blog, Linda! That is so sweet of you giving away some of that lovely, gorgeous cardstock! I think what I would weed out of your stash would be idea books/magazines that you don't use. They can take up a lot of space. Tear out pages that you like out of them and purge the rest. You can put the sheet you like in a binder. The ones you don't use could be used for wrapping paper, homemade envelopes, or bring to a school that recycles. If the books/mags. are still in one piece, you can freecycle them, sell them, or donate them.

Next I would go through any stamps that are on wooden bases. Get rid of the ones you know you won't really use. Maybe just peel them off the wood (use them on acrylic) and place in cd holders to save space and so that you can see them.

Hope that helps. Those are things that tend to be space hogs in scraprooms.

kris said...

I am so bad about buying cardstock until I need a certain color! But awesome.... now throw in some flowers to match!! ;)
watch my blog for some candy soon!

Anonymous said...

I just made a cute file folder type card from a sheet of cardstock. I would be happy to accept some of your surplus.


Michele said...

Hi Linda, just wanted to say congratulations on the news of being a grandma, how exciting that must be. And I just read the very same Ali article today and that just reminded me of way I have been going thru my stash and either giving away the excess or actully trying to use up my old kits. But some more cardstock could always be put to use. ; )

Kimberly Johnson said...

Who doesn't need cardstock? I so need to catch up on some scrapbooking and cardmaking and cardstock is always needed for the foundation.
Thanks for the chance at winning. :o) As far as what else should you give away?....well, I just cleaned out a bunch of older design/idea books, stickers, and other odds and ends myself. But certainly, what you don't want or won't use, someone else would. Looking forward to future postings.
Have a wonderful day!

LisaW said...

Your post totally speaks to me too! I suffer from the "having too much" syndrome. Recently I cleaned out a heap of patterned paper and then sorted what was left into colours. Now when I create, I just grab the colour pile and go for it. Its reinspired me and reduced the amount of time I waste! win, win. Next up...embellies!