Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Favorite Five...

...time for a quick 5 before I leave to Crop with Karen.

1. Paul McCartney...all day...everyday! What could be better than an XM-Sirius station that plays all McCartney? I'm in hippie heaven!

2. A fresh manicure and haircut. Nothing better to chase some of those winter doldrums away!

3. My friend Gina being a Bad Girl Designer! YAY! This is going to be so much fun having her inspire me every month to use up those beautiful Bad Girl kits!

4. On-line classes to get your mojo workin'. And I'm taking three: Got Sketch 103 with Jana Wilson & Valerie Salmon, Product Pizzazz 101 with Doris Sander, & Creativity Kickstart with Caludine Helmuth. All 3 of them are great and I've put together some fun ideas to scrap this week-end! Thanks, ladies!

5. The almost-end of February. Because that means it's almost March. Which means it's almost April. Which means it will be Spring. It's the only way I can look at all the snow and not go totally crazy!

Have a great week-end! And there's still time to post a comment to win some candy on this post.



Gine !!! said...

Great fives...I love Paul =)
Great to get a little pampered sometimes
Have a great weekend and good luck with your online classes

Dena said...

I LOVE Paul McCartney too! I could do a whole FFF post just about him LOL
So you and I are kindred spirits on this matter. John bought tickets in 2004 to go see him in concert and who did he take not me but ZOE when she was 3 years old! Still a bit bitter over that one.

and I am so happy that Gina is on the BGDT too!

Zoa said...

woohoo!! love the haircut & manicure! you look great :) Have a great weekend!!!

Deneen said...

Like the haircut! I cannot wait for Spring, hell summer can't get here fast enough!