Friday, February 06, 2009

Fave Five Friday...

1. Did you watch Jeopardy tonight? The girl that won, Julie Dominic is my daughter's best friend! They've been friends since high school. Julie always was one of the smart ones (Of course, so was Karen!). Here's a picture of them in 2001.

2. Need I say more?

3. I did laundry for the first time today since before Christmas. No, I haven't been wearing dirty clothes. Gary's been doing it for me, because I couldn't negotiate the steps. Finally, my knees to the place where I can go up and down steps! Now my clothes will quit shrinking!

4. I finally made something. Just this small card, for a swap on Ravelry. But it's the first thing I've made with paper since before Christmas! Unfortunately you can't see the glitter.

5. Karen went to the high risk doctor and he reassured her that everything is ok. She does have the placenta previa, but he thinks that might fix itself. And he did one of the super-duper ultra sounds and said he thinks it's a boy! I looked at it and there's something there between the babies legs! But we're not going all crazy yet and buying boy things till we're absolutely sure!

That's it. Not a very eventful week!



Gine !!! said...

Congrats to your daughters friend and of course to the Steelers..I'm not to much in to football unless my son is on the field....then I'm very much in to it :lol:
Good to hear your knees are feeling better and that you got to sit down and make something
Have a great weekend

Gina de Jong said...

love the faves!!!!!!! you let me know first thing if it's a boy...cuz you can tell Karen,I will set her up with the boy stuff...okay if she likes hand me downs, LOL!!!!

Yay for me and you scrappin!!!!!!! I think my mojo IS here to stay!