Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday's Favorite Five...

Here are my 5 favorite things from this week -

1. Finally having Karen go to her OB appointment; finding out everything's fine so far (well, except for the PP); being able to brag about it! And just the thought that I'm going to be a grandmother is almost overwhelming!

2. Losing 2 1/2 more pounds (that's 13 total, ladies & gents!).

3. Receiving yarn yumminess in the mail. This is so soft (wool, angora & alpaca blend) and the color is much more beautiful than in the photo. It's called Tandori Spice.

4. Finding stacks of books tucked away in a chest I forgot I had! I was cleaning and opened up a little wooden chest in the livingroom. It was FULL of books! So a lot of them went in the ever-growing TBR pile; some (like the Winnie the Pooh books) are being put away for future story-times); and the rest went to my offer list in either Paperback Swap or BookMooch.

So...did you see anything from CHA that you can't live without? I honestly didn't look through too many of the paper lines. I figure I'm in 3 awesome kits clubs, and I always get a great mix of papers from them. However, I am pretty excited about all the new Slice cartridges coming out. And I have one of these in my shopping cart at Memory Making Crafts.

Although it's not new, I ordered a Scor-Pal finally! They were a really decent price, and the shipping was free so...what the heck!

Hey! Have a great week-end, and



Dena said...

Congrats!!! how fabulous that you are going to be a grandma :)

I must have some new Prima goodness. Thank God Wendy shares my love for Prima. I can't wait to see what she gets in!

Have a great Friday Linda.

Rachel said...

You are going to LOVE the ScorPal!

Gine !!! said...

That yarn looks beautiful, what are you making. I have not knitted in so long..Congrats again Grandma to be =)
Good job with the weight loss, I'm down 14 LB since the summer, my goal is 20 before June
Have a great weekend =)

pink4u said...

:) So glad everything is going well
for your family "Grandma" :)

Love the color of the very you have any pink or blue on order???? :)

Congrats on your weight loss!!

Love all the sneaks from CHA..but my all time favorite is Prima...
I really wish I could buy it all!!!

Take care Linda and have a great weekend!!

Heidi Kelley said...

Yes, there were many things at CHA that I cannot live without... oh my. I wanted to take half of it home with me!

Congrats on the baby!!