Friday, August 15, 2008

Crop & Getaway Season Begins....

Last week-end, Karen and I went to Sugar Creek for the first week-end getaway of the season. Kelli didn't come, because the baby is due the 22nd and she's to be resting. So it was Mark, Becki, Jacki, and me. And I must say, we pulled it off without a hitch. And I think everyone had a good time. I was fairly busy, so I got only 4 1/2 layouts done. That's my excuse, anyway. That, and I was just in pain the whole time. When will I learn not to be hauling around my scrap gear when it weighs a ton in those cases? I just hate having someone else do all the hard work when I just stand there and give orders!

At the Sugar Creek Crop we always crown a Queen of the Crop. Layouts done at the event are judged by all the attendees. We give out 3 honorable mentions, 2 runners-up, and a queen. Well, I am proud to say that Karen was the 2nd runner-up! Not bad for someone who's been scrapping a only a year! She was pretty pleased!
So here's what I accomplished.

A layout of Frankie. She's so photogenic, I can't resist!

Karen's first real shoes. The sort-of-hidden journaling says "Karen's first shoes - a pair of Buster Brown blue denim sandals. She never had traditional white baby shoes. She spent her summers in sandals or as a barefoot babe!"

Who needs journaling on such a page as this?

My big brother when he wasn't so big. The hidden journaling (don't you just love hidden journaling?!) says, " Jim on his pony, Happy. Taken on the Red Gate Farm in Canfield, OH. Date unknown. Perhaps around 1952."

I have one other of Karen's great grandmother, but it's not finished.

I've been knitting, too. And crocheting. Kelli's (well, Emma's) blanket is done except for the washing, blocking and ribbon. I've been making washcloths as they are so much softer and better for my skin (when you have lymphodema, your skin becomes very fragile. Just a crack from dry skin can get horribly infected. I just am now recovering from a bad round of cellulitis!). And I knitting 3 -- yes three -- scarves. One will be a "dress scarf" for me; one will be a skinny pink one to go with my winter coat; one is an alpaca one for Karen. And I'm still working on that damned purse!

Tomorrow, Karen and I will meet Ginny & Nicole at Shaker Woods. We'll all buy lovely things we probably don't need and then we'll go to the Dutch Haus for lunch. Then we'll shop in the bulk foods store. Fun day.

Sunday Gary and his friends ride the Tour de la Mec. It's bicycle tour, 2 courses of 25 miles each, in Mercer County, PA.

And Monday we FINALLY get to go camping. We're going to
Geneva. We've never camped there. But there are wineries, so I know we'll have a good time!

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