Thursday, August 07, 2008

Even dogs get cake!

Sunday we celebrated June's adoption day. The kids brought her over and we all wore hats

and had cake. And Gary cooked a wonderful meal.

I made the human treats

and Karen made June's cake.

That's a meatloaf of sorts: ground beef, ground carrots, & cream of wheat, with mashed potato icing! It was a big hit!

Then she got to spend 3 days here, while Karen & Josh went to Cedar Point. Good times were had by all!



Vicki C said...

lol.. thanks for saying I looked calm in the video Linda.. actually that was probably because it was the last day of the show and I was dead tired!! lol
Love your blog topper.. and the photos of the kids (pets) are CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I totally enjoyed them all! THanks for coming by my blog!

Rachel said...

This is hilarious! Looks like June enjoyed her day. :)