Friday, August 22, 2008

A good time was had b y all...

Well, we just returned from our first camping trip of the summer. I am tired, but it is a good tired, just from having a good time and spending so much time outdoors. By now, we've usually gone 2 or 3 times, but gas prices have kept us home. Finally, I couldn't stand and we decided to go anyway. And we planned well, apparently, as gas prices have been down a bit lately.

Camped at Geneva State Park. Never been there, so it was a new venture. Lovely, park right on Lake Erie. We traveled the Wine & Covered Bridge Trail where we tasted and bought nice wine and tasted some good wheaty micro-brew (they didn't have any carry out for sale, though). Also went into Geneva-on-the-Lake which evoked memories of my sneaking up there for under-age drinking and general carousing. My version of Spring Break! Some of the places are still there! And it's as tacky (but we all know how fun tacky can be!) as ever!

While in Geneva I trekked to Chardon to explore a yarn store recommended on Ravelry. It's called Knitting on the Square and I immediately fell in love. First, it's only about 40 miles from here, which is close, considering we have no LYS's here! When I arrived, the first thing I saw in the window was this wonderful HUGE felted bag! We all know how I love bags...huge bags...felted bags! I found out it was designed by the owner, Kate Jackson, a lovely young Irish girl who was so friendly and helpful. She made me feel so at home in her wonderful shop. I came away with her pattern (The Eileen Tote), another Noni pattern, and yarn to make my Carpet Bag. I will definitely be returning!
(Yarn for the Carpet Bag: Noro & Cascade. Since it's knitted with a double strand, I'll use on strand of the Noro along with a strand of the Cascade, so as not to have the self-stripes compete. [I didn't think of that! It was Kate's suggestion!])

And speaking of knitting, camping and watching the Olympics in your camper make for great knitting timek! I finished my Yarn Harlot scarf! As soon as it's all blocked and pretty, I'll show you. I'm very pleased with it. It will look great with my favorite denim jacket!

As you can see by my list of books in the left side-bar, I tend towards sci-fi/fantasy/horror. Some people even think I have a vampire obsession (which is disproven by the fact that I can't read those Twilight books! Soft horror porn for young adults! NOT!!). Well, I've beenr eading it so long, it takes a bit to frighten me. In fact, I can't think of a book since The Stand that has sent me into shivers. B ut this book I'm reading now, Greywalker!! It is truly frightening! I think it's because it's about a realm that none of us really truly knows whether it's real or not! I haven't finished it yet, but unless the ending is really terrible, I definitely recommend it for a good creep-out!

Have you been watching the Olympics!? I have been so entertained by so much that I didn't think would engage me that much! Diving, swimming, beach volleyball! So fun. I'll be sorry to see it be over!

And one last comment. Nothing lifts your spirits like talking to your adult daughter after having been away for almost a week! I'm constantly amazed at what a wonderful your adult she has become, what a good friend, and what a good daughter!

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