Saturday, July 05, 2008

Give Peace a Chance

You know, just because you believe in peace & love doesn't mean you're a radical. It doesn't mean you don't support our troops. It doesn't mean you're a democrat. It doesn't even mean you're a hippie! It just means that peace is better than war. Love is better than hate. How can you argue with that?

Monday, July 7 is Ringo Starr's birthday, and here's what he wants: (this is quoted directly from his website):

Ringo's Birthday Wish List – "Peace & Love"

Ringo was recently asked by Access Hollywood what he hoped to receive for his upcoming birthday (July 7th). Ringo's answer was unconventional, he said, "just more Peace & Love."

Then he expanded his wish further, "it would be really cool if everyone, everywhere, wherever they are, at noon on July 7 make the peace sign and say "Peace & Love."

Wherever you are in the world, join him in making the peace sign and saying, singing, shouting, whispering, signing, writing or quietly thinking one simply beautiful and universal message: "Peace & Love."

While some will do this on their own other folks may be gathering at Abbey Road in London; Capitol Records in LA; Strawberry Fields in NYC.

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