Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Funk

Yes, I'm in a summer funk! I'm actually surprised, because I usually get like this in the winter! I think it's because I'm just not able to do all the outdoorsy things like work in the garden and such. And then with the gas prices, we're not traveling like we used to. Add to that the fact that lymphodema turns to a hellish thing in hot (even warm), humid weather. When others are wearing shorts and cute little sandals, I am covered to my toes.

So I don't have anything new creativity-wise to share. I've started a mini-album; I have an idea for a knitting journal; I'm been working on Karen's purse, the same shawl, and a market bag. I don't even have any new photos!

Geesh...I'm sorry! I really didn't intend to be such a downer!

Tomorrow Karen & I are going to Kelli's baby shower...a tea party of course. That should boost my spirits!

Okay, now go read a fund blog....this one: The Farmer's Wife. And then stop over at Bad Girls to take a look at the sneaks and read about the one year anniversary celebration!




Rachel said...

Hate that funk!! Hoping today's fun pulls you out a little. And maybe you're getting a break from the heat too ???

pepsigirl said...

I'm sorry Linda. ((Hugs)) I've been in a weird funk this Summer too, I'm not really sure why either. Keep your chin up Beautiful, the mojo will hit ya when ya least expect it! ;)