Monday, July 14, 2008

I've been's been a while!

Jose tagged me. This one is a little different and fun.

What was I doing Ten Years Ago?...
Working. And raising a teen-ager!

Five Things On Today's "To Do" List ...
well, since it's 11:30 PM, it'll be tomorrow's "todo" list -
1. change the sheets
2. do some laundry
3. work on my Secret Sister gift for Bad Girls
4. cook dinner (yes, I'm cooking - not Gary!)
5. work on little Emma's "bankie"

I'm addicted to...
pretty paper
pretty yarn
my computer
probably carbs!

Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire...
Buy a nice place for us to live...and get all new stuff. Just leave all the "crap" here.
Buy the kids a house nearby
donate to charities that truly help animals, Susan J Koman fund...

Places I have Lived...
Jamestown, PA
Canfield, OH
Kent, OH
Salem, OH
Lisbon, OH
Youngstown, OH
Los Angeles, CA...not in that order!

Okay...I'm tagging...

2. Meredith
3. Gina
4. Lyn
5. Ruth


1 comment:

kris said...

WHat? I'm tagged? Were you gonna tell me or I had to read it myself! You know I read your blog every day! Well, at least the questions are cool! THanks!