Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's eating YOUR parsley...and some layouts

Yup, that's what's eating mine. I have on my porch a "sauce garden": a tomato plant, some basil, and some parsley". Needless to see, seeing these little eating machines on my parsley sort of freaked me out at first. But then I googled the little bugger, and found out what he is and what he wants. He's the Larvae of a Swallowtail butterfly. These beauties love to flit about the lilac and through the garden, so seeing their offspring is a good thing. AND, he seems to only want the parsley. Everything I've read have listed what they eat, and not one of them mentions my tomato, so that's okay. Unless they get overwhelming, I'll just leave them there.

Here are some layouts that have been piling up. Hope you like one or two. I really like this one. That's a picture of Karen and her Grandma Flickinger. This was inspired by one of my favorite scrappers, Christine Middlecamp.

This layout is from the Latest & Greatest class at Mega Meet. Couldn't think of a it doesn't have one!

Another layout from the same class.
Started this one at Zane Trace.

And this one is from the 2nd sketch in Got Sketch 101. It's my creepy ol' Monkey Tale cactus that I just love!

TFL! Till later!


Meredith said...

Funny about the parsley. I got a joke in my email yesterday. If a parsley farmer gets sued, can you garnish their wages? was even funnier considering my job. :)

denean said...

Wonderful layouts as always!!
Love the new blog look too!

pepsigirl said...

lOvE all the layouts! I think the first and last are my FAV's!! WOW!

Jose said...

gorgeous pages, love the layouts you have used