Tuesday, June 17, 2008

another mini-book, and a new look

Trish Turay from WIP did these adorable mini albums made form the Noteworthy journaling pads. I had to try one, so here what I came up with! Thanks, Trish, for such a cool idea!

And here are the new glasses. First time in ages I haven't had metal frames. Waddaya think? Gary said he was "surprised". What do you suppose that means?



~Kammie~ said...

great use of that journaling book--I always want one but then I dont' want to use it b/c they are so cute! love how yours turned out.

AND LOVE your new glasses--makes you look very chic!

denean said...

LOVE thta mini book - its beautiful!
And the new frames look good! :)

p said...

awesome mini!
and the glasses look great!

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pepsigirl said...

Super cute mini album! and I *heart* your new glasses!!!! So YOU girlie!! You're so dang cute!

scrap.girl said...

Linda can i just say...Holy Shit!!! I LOVE the new glasses!!! You tell Karen that she did good! you look so much younger and hip! No joking Linda when i saw your avatar pic @ BG's I nearly fell off my chair! You look most beautiful in your new frames!!! Love!!!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I love your glasses, especially with that cool hair cut!