Sunday, June 15, 2008

I love this man!

Happy Father's Day, my Dear Husband!



Leah C said...

Linda, you crack me up! So happy you checked out the Gutter Girlz blog! Love the photos in your slideshow! Hope you had a great weekend!

scrap.girl said...

Hey Linda! Your blog design looks Fantastic! I just took a look around and I love it!

I'm waiting to see the new glasses. I'm sure Karen did good! I have to go with my Mom too. Ya need to look hip ya know! ;)
Denise aka scrap.girl

scrap.girl said...

Hey Linda! The blog looks Great! I just took a look around, and I can't wait to see pics of your new glasses. I'm sure Karen did good by you. I usually have to go w/ my Mom too. We need to make sure you stay up with the latest styles ya know! ;)

kris said...

Thanks Linda for bringing me to tears with your Father's Day tribute! That was so sweet!

~Shirley said...

The father's day slide show is precious!!
Love the look of your blog! Beautiful!

also, so glad you stopped by the Gutter Girlz blog, looking forward to your creations to meet the challenge!! Get your art in the gutter, that IS where all the fun is at!!