Monday, December 24, 2007

Final flurry of activiy...

I can't believe I actually got all the sewing done that I intended. Here's an apron for Karen. It's not a very good picture. It's a retro style (think I Love Lucy). It will be an exclusive, because I really did not enjoy making it. Even though it was a See & Sew pattern, and therefore, easy, it wasn't for me. but I think she'll like it.

She asked for a throw, because the dog had taken over all hers. I could have bought one really cheap (in fact, I did, just in case. I'll return it!) but I thought a homemade one from Mom might be cuddlier! How do you like my hippy-dippy fabric I picked out?

And of course, I couldn't forget the fur-babies. Last year on a whim, I whipped up some catnip fish. I had bought fresh catnip, so I guess they were very "nippy". Both our cats love them and are still playing with them. They are totally disgusting to the point that they have rubbed most of the print off the fabric. So they get 2 new ones this year. Much like a small child, Frankie has sought one out and played with it already. That will teach me to keep the door closed! And the bone is for the newest member of the fur clan, Karen & Josh's dog, June.

So that's it! The presents are wrapped; the stockings are stuffed; the baking's done; dinner's thawing in the fridge. I just need to get Gary off his butt to help me clean up.
Have a beautiful day!


denean said...

LOVE that apron!!

Anonymous said...

those are gorgeous projects. bet they were loved. Debbie Hodge

Kataroo said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I love this!!!!!!!! oh the ruffles!!