Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

It's here...another year. I wonder what it will bring? No wedding this year, so it will be relatively calm, I hope!

I registered for the free class, Get A LOAD of This, at Big Picture Scrapbooking. We do a layout a day (get it LayOutADay) during January. I figured it's a little boost for the new year. I did 3 layouts today. Now that's not as impressive as it sounds. I've had in my head a mini-book since last Christmas. I have ornaments and decorations that I just love, that I've made, that have special meaning...yada yada yada..and I photographed a lot of them. I want to put these in a 5x7 mini-album with some journaling about them. So that's the 3 pages I did. Here they are:

So that's it. It's been snowing since 10 AM. We have about 4 inches, so a lot of the schools are closed. Where I used to work is closed. I used to live for those calamity days! Karen doesn't go back till Thursday, so she's off tomorrow anyway.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Oh, and the new header...that's June. I just think it's kind of a cool picture. The kids left and she just sat and watched the road till they came back! She's such a sweet dog!


Rachel said...

Love your ornaments Linda! And June is just breakin' my heart in that picture. What a loyal dog!

denean said...

Great idea for an album - love your first pages!

Carolyn said...

Great album idea, Linda! Beautiful ornaments too.

Anonymous said...

great header... what a sweetie! love the ornaments too!

iris said...

Beautiful ornaments! And a great way to showcase them too. Looking forward to your completed mini album. Oh and I just love the wedding album you made.

wendy said...

I'm off to check it out...sound like a lot of fun. I love the header!