Friday, December 21, 2007

While others have been posting...

...beautiful Christmas projects every day on their blog...I've been doing them, but not posting them. In fact, I finished up my Christmas cards without taking pictures of the last batch. Hey, it was 4 AM when I stuck on the final address label! What do you want from an old lady!?

So here are some random shots of some random things...

I've made 2 more wedding albums for gifts. One I made for Karen & Josh. For some odd reason, I wrapped it before I took any pictures. But I did all the pictures in black & white, and the layout pages in various colors of very bright, glittery papers. It's classier than it sounds (I hope). I'll take pictures before they take it home.

The other album is for my SIL (my brother's widow). Here are just a few shots of a few pages. It's a pretty big one, as you can tell by the shot of the closed album. BTW, the ribbon on the rings is from the centerpieces at the wedding.

I have one more to make. Fortunately, we won't be seeing the recipient till after the new year, so I have breathing time.

This is an ornament I made from a tutorial On Lisa Pace's blog. It was hard to photograph. But that's Frankie in there. Well, not the actual cat (although lately I've been tempted!), but her photograph printed on a transparency. Painted this one with alcohol inks and glitter. The tutorial was to do it with re-inkers (I've done them in the past with acrylics), but Meredith (cheers!) suggsted trying them with alcohol inks. So I did!
Some cards I did manage to photograph.

My silly (and rather gaudy/ugly) purple tree that sits on my craft desk. How could I resist the last purple tree sitting on the shelf at Borders?

I also left this string of glittery snowflakes (Maya Road, of course) hanging on my desk lamp.

Now, I didn't make these, but oh how I would love to learn! Joel's (who was in Karen's wedding and is one of her best friends) grandmother makes these. Every year I purchase one from her at Christmas at the Gallery at the Butler. Here they are from the last 3 years. Aren't they beautiful? Oh...they're eggs...

A pile o' gift card holders (again, can't remember from whence I got the idea. But I do know that Rachel saved the link and forwarded it to me.) And yes, I give the kids lots of gift cards in their stockings!

And finally, here's our tree. I love the way it reflects in the window when it's lit.

I have sewing projects in the works: an apron, a blanket, catnip fish, and possibly a camera cozy. When I finish them I'll try to post pics so you can see my other talents. And I have a pile of Hershey nugget holders to photograph, too!

However, if I don't get to it, and if I don't "see" you before...have a wondrous, blessed holiday!


denean said...

Beautiful projects Linda. Drooling over the wedding album - its beautiful!!
Oh, and I adore the purple tree :)

Lisa M .Pace said...

Great projects. I love the ornament of Frankie. TFS