Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Perfect Day

How do you describe perfection? Karen's wedding day was such a perfect day, I'm having trouble describing about it. The weather was perfect. There were no girly melt-downs. We laughed a lot and cried a little. Those importatnt to us showed up for the ceremony & recpetion. The food was excellent. The hall looked beautiful. It was all just...perfect...And so many times, Karen hugged me and thanked me for a perfect day.

I can't believe how exhausted I was Sunday & Monday! Today I'm finally feeling a wee bit back to normal.

So rather than trying to recall it all, I'll just post pictures as I get them and anecdotes as I think of them.

For now, you can go to my flikr site to see picture -->

Rehearsal & dinner

Pre-wedding Preparations

The Wedding

The Flowers

We got the prints back today from the little disposable cameras we gave out at the reception. What a waste! There are some cute ones, and I may be able to get artsy with a few with PSE. But for the most part, they are bad! Some advice: if you ever decide to use these, tell people to turn on the flash!

Karen has called both days from their honeymoon at WDW. Considering when they went to WDW one spring break she never called me once, this is very cool! They've been wearing their little badges that indicate they are newlyweds and have gotten some cool perks. They got to be in a show today at MGM. It's the one right before you get on the ride for the backstage tour. The one with the ship... Josh got to be the Captain and Karen got to be the First Mate! And when they got back to their room today, they got the picture of Cinderella & Prince Charming and a bunch of balloons. Great memories.

Well, Gary & I are taking off tomorrow. We're camping at East Harbor State Park till Sunday. Looking forward to some wineries and Put-In-Bay. No Internet, so I won't be around the cyberlands for a while!


Celia said...

I am so excited to hear how lovely the big day went!!! Now off to see the pics!!! :)

Rachel said...

I hope you're enjoying your time away. I already miss you! And bummer about the pics from the disposable cameras, but maybe you can salvage some of those. 90% of America doesn't have the photography skills we do because either that's not their hobby OR they don't scrapbook. :(

Rachel said...

You've been tagged AGAIN!!! But this is a fun one. Check out my blog.