Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Wedding Saga continues...

Monday...Karen took a day off so we could run wedding errands.

First stop, Helen Freed's, the bridal shop. The "man" that seems to run the place. Apparently not a job that requires efficiency or brains. He proceeded to tell us that Nicole, my great-niece who is one of the attendants, called and said they company she ordered the dress from sold her the wrong one. He alluded to the dresses he ordered for us which were "ivory with orchid accents". Karen said, "NO! They're orchid with ivory accents." He proceeded to tell us that we were wrong! How the hell could we be the ones who made the mistake! We went upstairs to try on the wedding dress (which, by the way, is beautiful and need very little alteration). He comes up and says he reordered and they'll be in July 15. We both told him (I a bit more vehemently than Karen) that that wasn't soon enough. He said there was nothing he could do. I said fine, I'll find them somewhere else. Well, suddenly he was able to get an over-night shipping order, so they "MIGHT" be here around the 4th! So not bridesmaid dresses till 2 weeks before the wedding! Fortunately we have an alterations express that can do alterations quickly!

So the first major problem with the wedding has come and gone! I'm hoping it's the only one, for Karen's sake.

We picked up the invitations. They seem to be perfect. Of course, we ended up with stamps with Karen & Josh's pictures on them, even though we didn't want them. Josh didn't call him mother before she ordered them. That's okay. That's $41.00 worth of stamps we don't have to buy! I haven't seen them, so I don't know how they'll look on the envelopes. If they're too awful, I'll put them on the response card envelopes.

Shoe shopping: I found the perfect shoes. Silver. Comfortable. Carlos Santana's. $90. But I figure I paid only $60 for the dress, so I can splurge on the shoes. Not a great picture. The wedges are clear Lucite! If they have them in June, I'm getting them.

Karen found 2 adorable pairs: one for the shower and a pair for her wedding dress. They could double for weapons! Very pointy, but very sexy!

Then I went to Lane Bryant to get pantie hose. How hard could that be? Well, the better question is, how could they not have my size?

Insert really big sigh here...

The shower is Sunday. Everyone's pretty excited. We invited 28 and 23 are coming, which I think is great. Ginny is going crazy with decorations. WE have games picked out and I have little 4x6 scrapbook pages ready for the guests to write their words of wisdom. After that, there will be only 2 months left.


Annette said...

The bridesmaids dresses... lol. That's why Isimply bought the pattern and material and had THEM get them made to fit. A lot easier, too. LOL.

Angelbev said...

I always love when some sales person knows more about a person's wedding details than the customer...or NOT! I've been thru my son's wedding. It was special and even with all the problems before hand, the day turned out so lovely!! It's been almost 2 years and I still love looking thru all my pictures!!

Laura McCann said...

Why are weddings so fraught with drama? I swear, I think it's the bridal industry that makes the Bridezillas!!