Thursday, May 17, 2007

Meeting Willows

I know I'm chronologically challenged. And usually I would just skip it, but meeting Willows is one of my favorite things. It still amazes me how anti-social, socially awkward me can meet these ladies, either once a year, or first the first time after corresponding online, and feel totally at ease!
Friday of MegaMeet, I met up with Kara, Carolyn & Gina. I met Kara & Carolyn last year and it was the first time I met Gina. We simply had a blast!
Kara is so....I don't know...just funky-cool! She was working a booth for a store as a representative of Junkitz. They were having some awesome sales so I did some shopping and picked up not only some older Imagination Project stuff, but also some Jenni Bowlin (yum!) and Delish Designs (another yum!).
I just love Carolyn! She has a sense of humor that keeps me laughing (and on my toes).
Gina is exactly what I expected! Fun and ready for a good time.
A good deal of my time was spent at the Rusty Pickle booth. And because it seems to be the favorite of most of the Willows (and a reason for them to whine about our meeting), Gina, Carolyn, and I posed there for a group shot. Yum...pickles!

The restaurant saga was quite a story! Gina called ahead (so often that you would have though she would have developed a relationship with the person answering the phone...but apparently not), were assured we'd be seated in 35 minutes. Got there and they said 45. Okay...went to the bar. I got served right away. Took everyone else 20 minutes to get their drinks. Bartenders just want to take good care of those of us who appear to be old enough to be their mother - either out of love or fear. There was also a rather drunk young man who seemed to find our whole conversation amusing. Contrary to what you might hear, there was no one "hitting on" anyone! (How do you even do that?! I think I've forgotten!) So anyway, drinks in hand, we went outside to wait.and wait Each time we would go to check on our status, we are sure that the Nazi hostess moved our name further down the list. Amazing what a little power can do.So we continued to waitand were finally seated in about 2 hours!

The food and the wonderful company made it all worthwhile.

One last group shot. And evidence for Julie L-B that we were not having a good time and we called it an evening.
And just for the record I did know what hotel I was staying at! I wrote it down!

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