Sunday, May 13, 2007

MegaMeet and Mother's Day - Part 1

I spent Wednesday through Saturday (yesterday) at the Great Lakes MegaMeet in Novi, Michigan. I worked for Our Scrapbook Treasures. I really worked only a total of nine hours, so it was like really working! I spent a lot of time walking around shopping and seeking out bargains, and took 5 classes.

As far as the shopping goes, I got quite a bit of stuff. Nothing new or exciting, really. That's the problem with the timing of this show. It's so far from CHA that there's really nothing new I haven't already seen or bought. But I always look forward to Rusty Pickle shopping, since our store doesn't carry it. I vowed before I went that I wasn't buying any paper. Well, wait till you see the pile! Geesh! Most of it is older paper so I got a lot of bogo deals. I got either papers that I love and would use over, or that I know I can't get locally.

I went to 4 of the 5 classes. By the 5th one, I was sort of burned out. I stopped at the bathroom on my way to class and realized that I had forgotten my ticket. i took this as a sign, and went back and got lunch and shopped.

The first class I took was a layout using Luxe Designs papers from their Classic Black line. Nice 2-pager that I will definitely use. Good instructor. I'd give it an A.

2nd class was about using alcohol inks. Great fun, except I didn't like the colors we used on our pieces. But I love the technique we learned and hope I can find some Microglaze. I loved the instructor, Sarah Hodsdon. Full of laughter an energy and someone you'd just love to hang with! Even though I didn't like my final product (yet...I'm planning to change it up), I'd still give the class an A+!

Next I took a class using Bisous papers. The paper line was Kewl and the instructor was the designer of the line, Suzanne Carillo. At first, I didn't think I was going to like this, but I took the class just to see what it is all about. The class was sort of slow, because a lot of the participants didn't read the instructions prior to class, so didn't have pictures to work with. But I finished a page that I sort of liked. I really started to like the paper, but it's so bright and funky, I didn't know if I was just having some kind of hippie flashback. When I looked at the kit that evening with Becki, she said she really liked it. So I think I really do like it! I'll know more when I make up more pages. Class gets a B. Instructor should have been prepared for contingencies.

The next day, I took a class where I did 4 one-page layouts with Basic Grey and Bazzil. All I can say is YUM! How could you NOT like a class using those! And the instructor gave some awesome tips. Definitely an A+.

So...classes were a hit; Meet was okay. Working there...well, I don't feel like I really did my share. I hate bugging customers, which was basically my job. Standing on a cement floor all that time made my legs an feet swell and hurt terrible. Every joint in my body hurts still, so I'm thinking this isn't the best way for me to spend my time! But I am grateful to Kelli for asking me and for paying for my room and getting me the exhibitors pass. One of the amusing things about working: there was a man and 4 women. We all wore black tops and khaki pants. And we all stayed in the same suite. You should have seen the looks we got in the hotel. Either Mark had a harem or we were some weird cult! That was entertaining.

The best part of the whole time was meeting up with Kara, Gina, and Carolyn, some friends from Willow Traders. That will be part 2.

Mother's day has been calm and pleasant. We met Karen, Josh, and Marilyn at Steamer's Stonewall Tavern. Had a wonderful meal and talked about wedding plans. It's so close now that we have to discuss it everywhere, all the time! I got a balloon and a card that says my gift from the kids should be arriving soon int he mail. I have no idea what that is! And of course no one will tell me. And Gary got me a bottle of my favorite perfume, Lolita Lempeka. It is the most luscious fragrance I have ever worn! Go to the web site, click on English, sit back and watch the intro. Then look and read the site. Beautiful!

Tomorrow there is so much to do: pick up invitations, pick up The Dress, go to the photographers, confirm the number for the shower, get an outfit for Karen for the shower, get foundations for our dresses. So much to do...


ahiltz said...

All in all, it sounded like you enjoyed yourself. I bet it was nice to get away for a bit and learning some new techniques! How fun to get to meet some Willows! One of these years, I should try to go to the Mega Meet! I would have to take time off work, though. :( Thanks for telling us all about it!

Rhonda said...

I bought those bisous paper kits. I just love them and I had never seen them before! I am sorry I missed you. We were there all day saturday :) Had a good time.