Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Week in Review

Well, another week has gone by in Retirement Land. The weather is typical spring, so it's been pleasant and the very fact that it's May is both amazing and amusing.

This week I went from gray-haired to rather golden blond with some frosting. It's a really nice color - not so unnaturally blond that I look older than I am; not an old lady color.

And this week I succumbed once again to Shannon's "pruning sheers". I have really tried to let my hair grow out for the wedding. My rationale was that it was time to give up the aging rock star look. Of course, with my hair that means styling, which translates into wielding the blow dryer with one hand and the brush with the other. Doesn't work! It also dawned on me that I would be sharing a hotel bathroom (well, 2) with 4 other people (more about that later) next week. So I had it chopped again. And I love it. Such a relief. I woke up this AM feeling crappy. A little styling paste and my hair looks much better than I feel!

Thursday I spent the afternoon with Karen's class again. I left the page there, so will add it when I retrieve it. They were all pretty hyper and noisy, but they still did a great job on their page, which I stepped up a notch. They stamped!

After class we went to rent the chairs for the reception. Karen commented that I should be a wedding planner. I wonder if she just wants me to go totally insane quickly? I can't imagine how she must feel, because I need to give the wedding stuff a rest. Which reminds me that I also spent much of this week tracking down RSVPs for the shower. They aren't due till the 9th, but I'll be gone and I don't want Gary to have to be responsible for that.

Then I went over to Cord for a Wishblade class. It was very informative and I saw how to do a lot of things I haven't tried yet. Notice, I said "saw" and not "learned". I haven't tried them out so it's questionable how many of them I'll remember.

And since the weather has been so nice, we finished cleaning out the flower beds in the back yard. With Gary helping me this year, gardening is so much easier for me! We put down a patio of sorts. It is made of forty 17x17 inch squares made from recycled tires. Since there isn't a level spot of ground in our yard, it sort of dips in the middle. But it's a place for a couple chairs and a little table and they won't sink into the ground! I can't wait for that first morning when it's warm and dry enough to sit out there with my coffee! I also planted 18 more lilies & 10 dahlias. And I fixed my fountain! So I decided to sell the new one on ebay. Things are greening up nicely. I have some beautiful new tulips and all white dafs in the front now. Soon they'll be fading, and I hope by then, the summer blooms will be beginning.

Next week we go to MegaMeet, where I'll be taking some classes, working for Kelli in the Our Scrapbook Treasures booth, and meet up with some Willows. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be sure to blog all the details and post lots of pictures.

Here's my favorite layout of the week: These are samples from the florist of some of the wedding flowers. The ones in the top left are some for Karen's bouquet and the one on the bottom right is one from the centrepieces. I did this for Gina's Scrapping with the Stars at WT. This week, we were to emulate a Kathy Zielske layout. I think I did a pretty good job!


ahiltz said...

Linda! I love how your hair turned out! The color looks great on you, too! You flowers pictures were lovely. I did the same thing and snapped pictures of our flowers last week! Love spring time and everything comes back to life! That LO you did was stunning for Gina's challenge! Great job on that! :-)

shirley said...

Love the new hair!!

The layout is awesome you rock the Cathy Z style!!

You flowers are beautiful!

The wedding is getting closer, I am so excited for you all and can't wait to see pictures from the big day!!

Oh and I love that song too, very pretty!