Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I've been tagged...

… by Lana from Scrap Muse.

And I’m tagging all the Willow Trader bloggers. Each of you, tag 3 others! Have fun!

My answers are underlined.

Coffee table or soft ottoman? neither
Flower arrangements or candle-scapes? Just candles and bouquets. No real arrangements (I a natural kinda girl!)
TV/DVD/stereo black or silver?
Garden annuals or perennials? Both, of course!
Antiques & flea finds or matching sets?
Office or junk drawer?

Pony tale or butterfly clip? Very short hair – no clips allowed!
Make-up or nada?
Cotton or synthetics?
Flip flops or leather sandals? Both
Silver or gold?
Purse or pocket?

Fine dining or picnics?
In jammies or unmentionables?
You click the remote or he does?
Theater or rent? Netflix rocks!
Lowes or the mall?
House work or hire it out?

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shirley said...

thanks for the tag Linda. Hope to update with this tonight or tomorrow!