Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Ring

I met my SIL, Ginny for lunch today. We were supposed to go to Shaker Woods, but it’s pouring sheets of rain, so we met at Rachel's Roadhouse instead. Many of you know that Ginny is the widow of my only brother, Jim, who passed away quite suddenly the day before Halloween, 2004. We’re so much closer now. It’s nice, because it’s a way for both of us to keep Jim alive, I think.

She’s simplifying her life, I think, so she brought a carload (literally!) of Halloween and fall decorations for Karen to use in her classroom.

But the most special thing she brought for me: The Ring. Jim was a big man (he died 6 weeks after gastric by-pass surgery). So this Big Ring was so appropriate for him. He always wore it. He bought it in New Mexico and I don’t think he ever took it off! Last time Ginny & I got together, we were looking at jewelry and I commented on how much I like turquoise. She asked me if I remembered The Ring. Well, of course I did, because I always loved it. She said I could have it and of course I cried! I was so thrilled that she would part with it. So today she brought it for me. Now I will never take it off. It’s a part of Jim I’ll always have with me.

I love ya, Big Brother!


shirley said...

that is very special Linda!! such a beautiful thing to have in memory of Jim!

Julie S. said...

Awww, you're making me cry! How sweet is that?! What a wonderful remembrance of your brother. It sounds like your SIL is a very special person!! TFS

Lisa G said...

That's so sweet of your SIL to give you Jim's ring, just warms my heart. I think it's great the two of you are close too and keep Jim alive in your memories of him. Now you have a little piece of him with you all the time.