Sunday, May 28, 2006

{Snapshots of Saturday}Rose-breasted Grosbeak

We have a bird feeder at one of the windows in the living room. It's there for my viewing pleasure and the cats' entertainment. Someday, Frankie will learn that no matter how hard she tries, she cannot morph herself through the window!

Anyway, this is the bird that was at the feeder yesterday. It's a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Although they're pretty common, we don't get them here much, so it was a treat. And he stayed for quite a while, munching on the sunflower seeds and watching me snap his picture.

I'm amazed at the way birds eat sunflower seeds. Most of them don't eat the shells. They are able to pick up a seed and shell it with their beak without breaking the "nut" inside! Some of them can even spit out the shell without losing the inside. Others drop the whole thing when it's shelled and then root out the yummy part! Here he is shelling his treat:

And in case you're wondering, those spots are the dirty window! Gary washed them for me today, so they'll be better for the next photo session!

I also busted my butt (so to speak) in the back garden yesterday. I might take some pictures later. It's sort of bare...a lot of green and brown with little flower-color...but it looks good! And of course, the Stellas are blooming! Ahhhh.....spring!


Annette said...

GREAT pictures!! Love the bird!

shirley said...

What awesome photos you took of the bird(s)!! We just added a bird feeder to our back yard and I love watching the birds hanging out there.

Oh, and you will LOVE Cathy Z's new book. I love her personality which comes through in her writting!

Shannon said...

Those are great pics Linda!!!!!

Lisa G said...

What a cute bird! I've never seen a bird like that before. Great photos!

Kristin said...

I love those shots! Great job - and I too and busing my butt in the garden. I also just ate a huge s'more, which counteracts all the positive effects of the gardening on the old bod.