Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Getting Old, Snapshots of Saturday, and random stuff

I must be getting old! I’m sitting here watching a DVD about Bruce Springsteen making his latest CD (old Pete Seeger stuff) with tears in my eyes! (The song you hear is from it.) These songs bring back such memories! Being a laborer’s kid, I witnessed hard work and hard times. Although Mom & Dad never let on about the hard times! This is such important music and I’m so grateful to “The Boss” for not letting it die. People need to remember those times and their music & minstrels: Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, “Erie Canal”, “John Henry”. This isn’t just music! It’s poetry! And it’s history! It tells the story of how our country was built & strengthened. Times when we cared more about our own people and our country’s democracy than we do now.

Well, enough…

I have some catching up to do. I went to another crop this past week-end. One of Kelli’s (am I still allowed to say Queen of the Crop?). It was 10 hours on Friday and 12 on Saturday. I got to see one of my scrapping friends and we are planning to room together at the Sugar Creek getaway. Can’t wait for that one! Anyway, the rest of the crop was fun and relatively productive. Of course, I always manage to find annoying people wherever I go! Like the ones who have to make sure they get their master’s degree worked into a conversation as well as the fact that their vacation is costing $2500 for a week as opposed to mine that’s costing $900! Oh well, I have to blame this on myself. My lack of people skills or tolerance, or something!

Here are some of the layouts I did. I always seem to like my heritage layouts a lot!

The journaling on Heritage lost says, " The Shanholtz's, grandparents to Linda; parents to Pauline, Linda's mother. Both died in the flu pandemic of 1917, shortly after Pauline's birth, that same year. She was taken in by an aunt and uncle. No further information of their heritage remains."
The purple layout is Gary's (DH) grandmother.

Unfortunately, I woke up Sunday with a puking migraine! Haven’t had one of those in a couple years. Still not as bad as they used to be, but I never got back to feeling whole until Tuesday! I wish I could figure out what triggered that one!

My SIL’s father passed away. This is the SIL who is the widow of my big brother. We went to the calling hours in Pittsburgh last night and everyone seemed surprised that we came. It was just the right thing to do! Spent most of the time sitting talking with my nephew Jim & his wife, Meg. I love them both so much! Even with his terrible sense of humor. (He said that if they ever had children they would be angry storks. His big nose, her big feet, and his angry sense of humor!)

So that’s catch up for now. I should probably get dressed…


Nat&Jim said...

Love these Heritage LO*s!!!

shirley said...

wow, great song! Gotta love the Boss!

I love your layouts Linda, Awesome!!

Sure hope you are feeling better! Take care!!

Julie S. - baronreads said...

Love the music!! You aren't OLD!! ;)
I know what you mean about annoying people! I can SO relate!! We must just have tolerant personalities! They've got to be good for SOMETHING!;)

Andi said...

Linda, I love the Boss singing Pete Seeger songs. It's so cool!

The layouts are awesome!

As for annoying people, I have found I have less tolerance the older I get.

Anonymous said...

Great layouts! I got your blog from LM!