Monday, May 08, 2006

Events of the Day

I spent most of the week-end scrapping and playing during the Lifetime Moments NSD cyber crop. It was a lot of fun and I am so amazed at all the work they went to to put this together. There were so many cool challenges and games. I got quite a few layouts done. Some of them are here.

Today we sold the “crack house”. Let me explain: when I met Gary, he lived in the really cool duplex on the North side of Youngstown that he rented from his best friend. When we married, we bought it and rented out the other side. After 6 years, during my pregnancy, we noticed that the neighborhood was going downhill. This was confirmed when I came home from work one day to find that the place had been robbed. Long story short, we bought the house we’re in now and moved in a couple weeks before Karen was born. We’ve been renting the duplex ever since (22 years). It’s just become a pain. Most of the houses on the street are abandoned. One side of the duplex is unrentable and it’s all we can do to keep the druggies out of it. Rather than sink a bunch of money into we, Gary called a guy who bought it pretty much sight-unseen and in as-is condition. What a relief.

ON the way home from the gym, Gary’s bag slid off the back of the motorcycle and wedged itself between the fender and the wheel. He thought something was wrong with the bike an pulled over and found what had happened. He managed to salvage a jock strap and the card from his MP3 player! At least he doesn’t have to take the bike to the shop!

Then I dragged Gary off to Home Depot where he bought me a leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher thingy, some lavender, edging, and stepping stones. Then to Office Max, Panera and finally to Petitti’s for some morning glory seeds and a couple wave petunias. So now I have a lot of good gardening stuff to play with. Spent the rest of the afternoon pulling weeds while Gary played with my new toy. The back is shaping up. It’s amazing how fast things are growing this year. It’s not even Memorial Day and things are getting ready to bloom!

Karen got a job offer today! She was so excited she called us on Gary’s cell while we were out. She said she “just had to her mommy & daddy!” She was offered a middle school DH class at Poland Middle School. It’s only a one year position, as the regular teacher is on maternity leave. But they want her badly enough that they are offering her full pay and benefits, rather than sub pay and no benefits. And it’s a county job, so the supervisor said that they would find her another job. They are opening up a bunch of classrooms for the 2007-2008 school year. So she has one more job interview, but I think she’s taking this offer. I am so stinkin’ proud of her!

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Rori said...

OMG Gary is so lucky the bag didn't cause an accident!!! So glad he is ok! Linda can I tell you I absolutely LOVE your banner! Wish I could figure it out to put one on mine! LOL!! Ciao