Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some pictures and a layout or 2

This is the one and only "regular" layout I did at the retreat. It's an old picture of our dog, Holly, who succumbed to cancer in November of last year. The picture is old, but I thought it showed perfectly what a part of the family she is. So this is a memorial to her. I need to take a picture of the statue we put on her grave and do something with that, also. I used a Scrap Muse kit for the paper and transparency. Leslie, you constantly inspire me with your beautiful kits!

First of all, this is a crappy scan! I'm taking an on-line course on how to scan photos and I'm hoping it helps. Actually, I think a new scanner would do the trick! Anyway, this is of the first dafs from my garden this year. You can't tell, but I printed the photo on Mulberry paper and it caused a really neat effect. I found the paper at HL (I think). It's the kind with an adhesive backing. So it's really easy to put through the printer. The kit I used here is from Good to the Last Crop. *Thanks, Shawn! Love ya!*

Here are some pictures from the retreat. The group shot and the one of me were taken by Shona. Hope you don't mind that I sort of ripped them from the message board!
I picked the silly shot of the group, because it shows just how much fun we were having! And I actually think this is a good picture of me! Hmm...

Here's Leslie, Scrap Muse owner, Libby & her son, Levi! I am still so impressed with what a good kid Levi is! I'm not a big "children" person (I know, I'm evil!), but when one comes along as fun and well-behaved as Levi, I fall instantly in love! Wonder if he needs another grandma?

Lynn and Cammy are both on Willow Traders with me. It's always so neat to meet people in person that you've been "talking" to for so long. By the way, beware of Lynn! She calls you up on the phone and send subliminal messages that make you buy things from QVC!

And these are just some random shots of Muses at Work. What a lovely bunch of fun, creative ladies!


Kristin said...

Awesome pics & story Linda!

shirley said...

Wow!! tons of fun at that crop!! I love the layouts!! They are AWESOME!!

Nat&Jim said...

Love your LO - and the retreat photos are so much fun! Wish I would have been there and meet you!!