Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday Snapshot and a Retreat

Well, I hope to have one, anyway.

I went to the Scrap Muse retreat in Pittsburgh this week-end. There are some great group shots floating around and I'm hoping that I can persuade Shona to e-mail me one so I can post it here as well as scrap it. I took some other random photos that I'll add -- if they came out okay. I suddenly feel inadequate in my photo skills after seeing some of the awesome photos this week-end. I'm still wondering if just possessing a Canon Rebel will help me?

As always, spending a few days with other scrappers was a wonderful experience. I didn't accomplish much. I did a 12x12 layout of Karen with Holly. It's a sad layout, but necessary. (We finally buried Holly's ashes last week. I found a perfect statue. A dog/angel that looks a little like Holly. So that circle is complete.)

The only other thing I completed was a 7 Gypsies very-mini (like 4" square) album. It did it all in Daisy D's French Market and it is little photos of me with some of my favorite clients on my last day of work.

Meeting everyone was the best part! I love putting faces to names!

Lyn & Cammy from Willow Traders joined me. We talked - A LOT - which is what I'm blaming my lack of productivity on!

Sharon drove in from her mother's in Ohio. Some little town on the other side I'd never heard of. Such a sweet girl! Well, lady. I'm sorry, everyone's a girl to me who's younger! She discovered that UnDo dissolves the printer ink from the PictureMate! After all, it is lighter fluid!

Vicki, who has 5 children and looks like she's not a day over 23, brought her adorable baby, Landon! What a good baby he is! And those beautiful blue eyes! Oh my! He melted my heart several times over! And Vicki was kind enough to accompany me to the bar for a much-wanted Yingling! She recommended all kinds of cool-sounding micro-brews and appears to know her wine, too!

Lana is much more attractive than her ape avatar! And she will be forever on my "good" list as she went to Starbucks and brought be back a double shot mocha!

Jami - I didn't really talk with her that much - probably because she was on the other side of the room. But she's very funny (that seemed to be a common thread - lots of humor among this gang!) and did an awesome layout that I loved!

Of course Leslie, our own Muse, is everything I expected and more. She's nice, creative, and did a wonderful job organizing the week-end. What a lot of work and effort she put into it! So wonderful for a first time retreat, also! I know we'll all be haranguing her for another one!

Aggie was the first person I met. She's so outgoing and made me feel so comfortable right away. Even gave me a RAK - a case for all my stray sizzlets! Thanks, Aggie! Aggie's an English teacher and I can only imagine the impact she must have on her students!

Kay is another school teacher. It's so good to know that some of our children are in good hands! Yet another talented lovely lady. I hope your voice is back in working order! Kay lost her voice. However it came in handy. The rooms were freezing, and she was able to get them to give us a little more heat. I think they took pity on her!

Shona from Saskatchewan (I really need to learn to spell that) is just cool! What else can I say? Other than I want her camera!

Joan flew up from Florida. Another cat lover, we shared cat pictures and stories. Another person so easy to talk to!

Very pregnant and just adorable Libby came for a day. I love someone who can make me laugh! She also brought her son, Levi, who was very well behaved and just the cutest guy! How fun to have Libby for a mom and Levi for a son!

There's so much more to say about everyone! But I don't want to verge of schlock! I really did enjoy myself. Believe it or not, I was pretty reserved while there. Not knowing anyone keeps me a wee bit conservative. But I did truly have a wonderful week-end.


shirley said...

WOW Linda!! Sounds like an awesome time with a bunch of fantastic ladies!! I sure wish I was closer to play with you all!!
Yes, i think you need a digi Rebel! I LOVE this camera!!

Nat&Jim said...

This sounds like a blast - I'm so sad I couldn't come! I'm happy for you all having such a wonderful time.