Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Catching up #2

Last Monday Bloggin’

10 Random Facts I Betcha Didn't Know About Me!

1.  I’m afraid of storms.
2.  My mother was an orphan.  Both her parents died in the flu   epidemic in 1918, the year she was born.
3.  I have a master’s degree in Special Education
4.  My guilty sports pleasure:  UFC – Ultimate Fighting
5.  I saw the Beatles in concert in the old Cleveland stadium August 14, 1966.  BTW, tix cost $5.50!
6.  I was married before to a real live gangster.  Therefore,
7.  I used to be able to visually check a car for a car bomb.
8.  I hate jello!
9.  I love video games and own a game boy.
10. When I was little, I used to break up graham crackers and eat them with milk on them, like cereal.  Then someone put it in a box and now everyone eats it!

That was actually harder than it should have been!  Either my life is an open book, or it’s not as interesting as it should be.  I’m opting for the former!

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Anonymous said...

just blog surfing and came across yours...liked it alot. if you're interested...check out mine. i'd like to chat and get to know you a little sound like a cool lady to get to know. i've been living over in taiwan teaching and came back to the states to get my american teaching certification. take care.