Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Catching up #1

Such a bad blogger I am! I missed 2 Snapshots of Saturday and 2 Monday Bloggin’(s). For a retired person, I seem to be fairly busy. Maybe a better word is “occupied”.

So…my Snapshots of Saturday. Here are some:

Nat commented that she wanted to see the Fighting Fish. This is Tikki. If you look closely, you’ll see that his cheeks are puffed up. That’s one of their warning signals. The other picture shows him with his fins partially furled. Guess he didn’t want his picture taken. (Damned Paparazzi!)

Last Saturday…I have to admit I didn’t take any pictures of the day, and it was a delightful one! I took my daughter to lunch. We haven’t done that in so long, even though she still lives here. She’s so busy with student teaching, her job, interviews, etc. etc. Going out to lunch was an opportunity to sit and talk without distractions. We went to The Flaming Ice Cube, a Vegan restaurant and New Age store in Boardman. Yummy Asian veggie wrap and she had barbecued no-chicken. Excellent! Shopped a bit in the store. Karen got bath salts and I picked up some incense. Then she went off to work at Yankee Candle and I went shopping and spent all my money! Went to a LSS which was pretty bad! Every time I go there, I think they must be going out of business. However, they did have a jar of clear UTEE, which everyone else seems to be out of . Now I have a $20 credit there and they really don’t have $20 worth of stuff I want! I guess I’ll just get more cardstock!

Since I didn’t take pictures of the day, I’ll post one of the week. These are the first flowers of this year’s garden.
They sat in the livingroom for everyone to enjoy for a week before succumbing to their brief life span!

I still have 2 Monday Bloggin’ posts to catch up on. And I’ve started gardening, which I want to journal! But I think this is long enough for you to endure in one sitting!

So I’ll close this one up and come back later for more!

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Nat&Jim said...

Ohhh - I love the fighting fish!!! He really looks angry with his puffed cheeks! Thanks for posting those pix!