Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Saturday Snapshot - March 11

I spent the week-end at a crop. My "job" is to monitor the crop room from 2 AM until 7 AM. I'm naturally a night owl, but I do need a little help to get through the night, especially the last few hours, when I'm by myself. This particular hotel has a Starbucks in the lobby! My savior for the week-end: several Venti Light Lattes!


shirley said...

WOW! That sure is an all-nighter! Thanks for participating in the {Snapshots of Saturday} challenge!

Catherine said...

So cool! Now ya gotta scrap it!

Great {Snapshot of Saturday!}

Sharly said...

Lovin your picture of your Venti .. I am diabetic so I am loving their sugar free stuff :)

Can't wait to see your layout with that pic!!!


kramer_buffy said...

and they were open that late?!?!?! U lucky girl!