Monday, March 13, 2006


No I'm not talking about golf! This is Amy's blog challenge for the week. So here goes:


Jobs I've had...
1. I worked at one place for 23 years (Fairhaven progam) and had 4 positions within:
a. Workshop Director
b. Habilitation Specialist
c. Habilitation Manger
d. (and something else - it was my worst one and, strangely enough, I can't remember the job title!)
2. Program Director at an ICF/MR (Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded)
3. School Teacher (1 year teaching English and 6 years teaching special education)
4. Bar tender (probably one of my favorite jobs!)

Movies I'd watch over and over...
1. The Blues Brothers
2. Being There
3. Gaslight
4. Bram Stoker's Dracula (the one with Gary Oldham)

Places I've lived...
1. Jamestown, PA - where I was born and lived for 9 whole months!
2. Canfield , OH
3. Kent, OH
4. Los Angeles, CA
(All the other places were in Ohio, and I was in LA for like 3 months. I felt like I should add it for effect, though!)

TV shows I love to watch...
1. CSI: Las Vegas
3. Boston Legal
4. The Late Show with David Letterman

Places I've been on vacation...
1. Toronto & Montreal, Canada
2. All over New England
3. Disney World (the only place I've ever been in FL)
4. Atlanta, GA (honeymoon!)

Favorite food dishes...
1. Pizza
2. Anything with lobster
3. Anything with crabmeat
4. My husband's Catfish Stew!


Jessica said...

holy cow lady! you've had some different jobs! so cool!!! still loving the paul video!

Amy said...

Great list Linda! I love pizza and can't believe I fotgot to put it on my list!!

Laura McCann said...

So what was your fave drink to make as a bartender?

kramer_buffy said...

Thanks linda... now I am craving LOBSTER...

Radona said...

oh, I forgot NCIS! love that show! and love your food choices!