Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today I'm My Evil Twin

And I’m blaming it on my allergies!  I went to bed with itching eyes and a runny nose and woke up with the same.  Just makes me feel tired and crabby!  So everything irritates me that I ordinarily just grin and bear other days.

Like…why are there 2 open bottles of that horrible blue Power-aide? And why is one of them on my dresser?

Why is my daughter’s robe always on the floor in my room?  

Why doesn’t someone else take the laundry downstairs?  This has been one of those weeks where I try to let it pile up till someone else moves it.  But when it gets to a level above the towel bar, I can’t stand it any more!

Where do all these dishes come from?  I washed them last night after dinner?  Who eats between dinner and breakfast?

My daughter and I share a clothes rack.  Why do my clothes have to be folded and kept in a laundry basket to make room for hers?  And why do I have to keep clothes in there she never wears?

When will I ever be able to sit on the chair in my room, or use the sewing machine?  When she moves out, will she really take all this crap that has spilled out of her life into mine?  

Why does my husband change the channel to the History Channel, put down the remote, and immediately leave the room?  I don’t really like that channel, so it’s not necessary for him to seek it out for me before he goes off to read!

Why do manufacturers make OTC medication packaging so that no one can open it?  Childproof?  How about just person proof?  Have they ever tried to open the foil thing the Claritin is in when they have are having a raging allergy attach and just want it to be over?

Well, now, aren’t you glad you stopped by to read my blog?!


Laura said...

Everyone needs an evil twin every once in a while!!!

kramer_buffy said...

awww sweetie... I know what it is having those days... I am glad your picture challenge helped you.