Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Listening to Paul McCartney on my MP3 player. (I don't own an iPod yet. I'll probably get one, but right now, I don't see the point. My little red Rio Sport works just fine.) He's such a genius with words.

I loved the Beatles the minute they came on the Ed Sullivan show. And I always especially liked George, "the gentle one". But I've always loved Paul's genius with words. His talent is so enduring. I googled for a picture and the first ones to come up were the young Beatle. But I love him now, his maturity, his "old man arms". He's one of us!

Looking through the backyard of my life
Time to sweep the fallen leaves away
Like the sun that rises everyday
We can chase the dark clouds from the sky...

Every single second of our lives
We can use to chase the clouds away...

Even if you're not a Beatles or Wings fan, pick up Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard. It's good music! Well, actually, it's good words. The music's good too, but I love his words!


shirley said...

Love the new banner Linda!!

Even my kids like Paul and the Beatles!!!

kramer_buffy said...

loving your new banner and background.

Jessica said...

I love paul!!my fav song is maybe I'm amazed...simply awesome!