Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blessings and Sadness

Yesterday I went to a bridal show with Karen and her matron of honor, Beth. It was so wonderful to just watch her be so excited, go to Beth for advice, pick things out. She actually found the dj and some invitations she wants, so there was some success involved.

We have one more to go to next week-end. Josh will be going to that one with us. Last year Beth won her wedding dress at that show, so we're hoping some of her luck rubs off on Karen!

While at the show yesterday, I ran into a lady I worked with prior to retirement. I hadn't seen her for a while, so there was much catching up to do. Unfortunately, she told me of 2 former co-workers who recently passed away. One was Colleen. She was a feisty little Irish woman who was always full of hugs and laughter. She was one of those people who would whisper things to you out of the side of her mouth, then cover it and make this cute little snorty laugh. I always accused her of caring too much for her clients. It wasn't a bad thing, really. People like her balanced well those who were there for the money and power trip! Unfortunately several weeks ago she suffered one of those unexpected heart attacks that claim so many women!

The other death hit me hard. Her name was Marti and she was a teacher at the school. She was a breast cancer survivor, like me. Although we didn't see each other much during the year (she worked in the school; I was in the workshop), we always got together the first day of the Relay for Life and walked the survivors' lap together. Her cancer came back and took her life! It's always so hard to lose a friend to this monster! We always think we have it beat, and then it rears its ugly head!

So, I guess the day was a snapshot of life: beginnings, love, happiness, pride; balanced by endings, sadness, death...and moving on!

I love you, Karen!

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