Friday, January 13, 2006

Back from VEGAS! (Baby!)

Got home last night around 8:30 PM Had a great time. Basically: got there; won money; spent it; lost money; walked my ass off (well not literally, but I did lose half a pound); saw a couple shows; lost more money; flew home.

It was so different being there with Gary! When I went with Karen last year, there was no trouble planning a day, because everything could center around shopping! Had to be a little more discerning with Gary. But we still had a great time. And I got my dose of shopping in.

Saw 2 shows: Folies Bergere. Was a great "show girl" show. We saw the covered one...what can I say...the tix were cheap! Anyway, the juggler was really good. I know that sounds hokey, and I thought the same thing when I saw the main act was a juggler, but he was really good. Especially when he played with his balls! Went to The Improv and saw Judy Tenuta. She was very funny but the guy with her was really much better and I wish I could remember his name! Oh well, maybe Gary will remember!

We stayed at The Imperial Palace. Rumor has it they're tearing it down, and I can see why. It was packed, and the casino's nice - small and friendly - but the rooms are getting pretty tacky. Next time, if we can afford it, I want to stay in Paris!

Took lots of pictures, mostly of the classic cars at IP and The Secret Garden. I'll add some later.

Now, off to read all the e-mail I've accumulated! TTFN!

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