Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What I Want...back

I’m becoming a fan of on-line classes for scarpbooking and journaling.  Well, perhaps three doesn’t qualify me as a fan.  But it seems to be satisfying some inner need.

I started with Big Picture Scrapbooking classes.  The good one is from Donna Downey.  I did a really interesting layout and a mini-book that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise done.  There’s not a lot of meat yet, so to speak.  But at least it’s served to inspire me to do some more work.  And to think about it as art, or a creative outlet.

The other BPS class is supposed to make me more “cre8ive” (isn’t that cute).  The whole class is just too “cute” for me.  I’m beyond wearing bells on my shoes, tying ribbons around my fingers and putting out candy and calling them creativity pills!  Of course, so far, I have gained something from the class:  If this is creativity, then I am way beyond it!

I just signed up for another class called Done & Dusted.  The title itself is intriguing enough!  It’s by a young girl name Shimelle (last name escapes me).  She is absolutely delightful!  However, I believe she’s about the age of my daughter (read her Generation X list!).  This serves to make me feel elderly (not old, mind you, but elderly!).  However, I think she may just be the key to giving me something back.

When I was her age, I used to write.  I kept a journal; I wrote long, insightful letters on vellum-like pastel stationery; I wrote poems; I knew the words to songs and what’s more, I appreciated them for the poetry they were (are).  I really want that back!  I read her blog and others like it, and think, “I used to be able to think like that!  I used to be able to put my thoughts in words like that!”  I want that back.  I know I’m repeating myself, but I really, really want that back!  I don’t think I’ve wanted anything this month since I was trying to “find” Karen!


Trish said...

Am enjoying your blog! While I did not sign on to take Donna's class, I am taking Stacey's and I totally agree with your point of view. I am participating in Shimelle's Done and Dusted, and am enjoying this class immensely! She was the creative shot in the arm I needed!

Kristin said...

Thanks for the tip Linda! I will check out Shimelle's class -- sounds like a perfect thing to do. I really don't think your apprehension about cutesey stuff has to do with age, babe ;))