Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another celebration

Had another Christmas celebration last night with by best friend, Karen and her husband. It's always like having family over. She's the sister I never had, the person I named my only child after. And considering how we started...It's amazing that we are as close as we are. Someday I'll write down the story of how I stole her husband (didn't know the bastard was married...And I know you've heard that before), hastened her divorce and ended up marrying his brother. (And that lasted only 3 years.) It's probably a story that bears documentation.

But for now I'll just talk about how much damn fun she is! She's a flamboyant theatre person who has been through things in her life that most of us just read about! She totally spoils my daughter, who for all intents and purposes is her niece, and is starting to spoil Josh!

So we get together one evening the week after Christmas every year. Unfortunately, there are years when this is the only time we actually see each other. But that's okay. Our bond is so strong it withstands that, and we can always pick up as if our last contact had been yesterday. Is that how it is with real sisters? I wonder...

One year many, many (many!) years ago, I bought this ornate silver friendship ball. You put a present inside of it and give it to a special person. Then the next year that person gives it back to you and so one. Karen and I have been exchanging it yearly for all this time. It's to me one of the best parts of Christmas. It's always a challenge to (a) remember if you have the ball stashed away somewhere and (b) to find something small enough to put in it! This year was my turn and I gave her an Irish charm for love and luck.

I gave her a double layout that I had done of her that I mounted on canvas as well as a bag full of little things I picked up for her when we went to Vegas last January. I knew she was giving up the tickets to see Wicked in March as our family gift. Karen was so thrilled! She also gave me another Willow Tree angel - Sisters by Heart ("Celebrating a Treasured Friendship of Sharing and Understanding". unfortunately, it came with the wrong tag. I'm going to contact the company that makes them to see if I can get the right one. But none the less, I love it! Every one of these that has been added to my collection has meant something so special to me!

Our friendship is a true treasure and last night was another gem added to it. I can't wait till March, when we all go to see Wicked together in Pittsburgh! Seeing plays and musicals with her is such a joy because she isn't afraid to have fun, smile, laugh, sing along, and generally be an excellent audience! And, you know...This is how she lives her life!


Kristin said...

What a great entry! Love the sisterhood in the story -- so beautiful the way you two have transcended those complexities.

Aggie said...

Hi Linda! (waving wildly)
I loved this story. I just found these little wooden statues this year--I gave the same one to both my sisters!