Monday, December 26, 2005

Well Christmas came

Well, Christmas came and went without incident. Josh got off work early, so we were able to eat at a civilized time and open gifts. As usual we all indulged each other way too much, but with so much love! We all have new toys which is good. Except that Gary’s new toys consist of saws and drills, which is rather frightening to me!

While nothing is specifically scrap-related, lots of things are sort of- like PhotoShop Elements 4, a 1 gig memory stick to store my digi prints, and a huge print pack (270 pictures worth!) for my PictureMate. A hoodie that says "Scrappin' and Yappin'". Wicked Good slippers from LL Bean. French Press coffee maker. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. A CSI mystery jigsaw puzzle. Lots and lots of wine glasses. (We break them all the time, so we now have enough to put some in the cupboard and store some away!) 2 bottles of wine. Lots of candles and Bath and Body Works stuff (DD works there over the holidays!). Coach wristlet. A Willow Tree angel: Happiness. A Virgin Mobile phone with a top-up card. A gift card to CH Banks. And probably lots of other stuff I've forgotten.

And I know we're getting tix to see Wicked in Pittsburg from my best friend. No one else knows about it, so I'm excited to see especially Karen's reaction!

Another thing that wasn’t really a gift, but is as far as I’m concerned: Josh’s mom told the kids that she will pay for their honeymoon! She felt so badly that their friends didn’t have one because they couldn’t afford. She wants to be sure Josh & Karen get one. So that’s a big relief to everyone! Also, she’ll be paying for the bar and bartender.

Soon the bridal shows will start! It’s only a year and a half till the wedding, and that should fly by! And before that, there’s student teaching and then Karen getting a job and Josh, hopefully getting a better job! So much transition for them! This is when I’m glad I’m old!


Peg (Bloomers) said...

wow......a wedding!! That's so cool! You're right, the time will fly by sooooooo fast between now and then you won't believe it. It did with our Valerie. Do things all along the way so you're way ahead of the game! You'll be so glad you did!

jen said...

Wow Linda, looks like you had a very nice Christmas, I love your Willow Tree Angel!
Great news about the gift of the honeymoon, every couple deserves some type of getaway.
(Jen~@ TSS)