Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving...Several days later...

It was a really nice day! For some reason this year, I looked forward to it all week. Even though I don't know Marilyn (Josh's mom) that well, and I'm not that good of a cook, and I don't eat meat! But I did it! I stuck my arm up the turkey's butt to remove it's disgusting little parts, and cooked it, along with enough food for a small army! 2 kinds of green beans; yams; mashed potatoes; corn; tossed salad; stuffing; gravy; and the obligatory burnt biscuits! Oh, and ham. I almost forgot the huge honkin' ham that Marilyn brought! Apparently everything was good, because everyone ate a lot and then sat around the table and yakked, always a good sign.

So...thankful...Showing or feeling gratitude: appreciative, grateful. It's the day to reflect on our blessings. I have so many! My whole life has been blessed! To start to list all of them would take a while, not to mention the fact that they are pretty much what everyone lists!

Along with everything else, I'm thankful the turkey didn't make any one sick. But not so thankful that I burnt the biscuits for the 3rd year running!

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