Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tardy blogging

I think about it a lot, but I just never do it!

And, as you can see, I changed my skin yet again! The other was just too busy. I really want to learn to make my own, but until then, I'll just keep using and trying to modify those of others.

The holiday season is upon us. Shopping is done. Cards are sent out. Tree is up. And it has been snowier and colder than usual.

We went to a big party last week-end. It was at the home of Karl (who got my job when I retired) and Rick. What a beautiful home they have! And I saw so many people I hadn't seen since I left Fairhaven. Some of them seemed so genuinely glad to see me. Lots of hugging (which I endured, somehow). And I even got some hints and comments that I may have touched some lives while I was there. How can this happen without my even knowing it? You'd think if you had an effect on someone you'd know it. But maybe that's how it's done. Just by being me, I effected someone. Hmmm...


shirley said...

Love the new look and your tree is WOW beautiful!

I have to say that I am jealous of your "retired" (for lack of a better word?) life. I sooo look forward to retirement with dh, I just hope my life can catch up with my dreams!

Glad you updated :0)

kramer_buffy said...

your kitty is killin' me here... LOL!!!!

I love your tree (still... LOL!!!!) I never did mine, I guess next year is a new year.