Monday, November 21, 2005

Sentimental Mother Thoughts

Today is Karen's 22nd birthday! It's still hard to believe! She is such a blessing. The wonderful, sensitive child has grown into a strong, wonderful woman! She is going to kick ass when she gets out into the real world!

I watch her now, working so hard on her assignments and lessons for STEP. Poor kid is pouring her heart and soul into it and is so stressed! But I know she's doing well. She's so lucky to have Josh to just be there for her. He's so supportive and understanding. He'll be a truly good husband!

Karen called to tell me she'd be home late (never has she ever been late that she hasn't called first! Never in 22 years!) and I asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner. I was ready to break out the steaks and potatoes! But you know what she wants?! Pierogis! Lots of them! So pieroghis it is! I wish I would have know earlier. I would have made them from scratch. (Yes, an Irishman can make pierogis. I mean, after all, they have potatoes, don't they?!) But Mrs. T's will do just fine. We have 3 boxes of them and lots of sour cream. So she and I will eat them till we can't move (Gary doesn't like them much) and then fall asleep from all the carbs! What fun!

Well, here's to you, Babe: our child that we thought we would never have! The light of our life! The most important thing in my heart! May you live that long and happy life you deserve!

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kramer_buffy said...

wow! linda... you are such a lovable human been and such a great mommy!!! and we know Karen is going to kick some ass because she was born and raised to do it.