Saturday, August 08, 2009

Wow! I don't think I've gone this long without a some kind of post! Those of you who know me, know that things have not been the best around here. Bad things happening: Gary had major surgery & has been diagnosed with lymphoma. How do a healthy, sports-loving, active man go from being vital and alive to one have Parkinson's Disease & lymphoma? And he's lost 35 pounds so is so...thin.... It breaks my heart! But we're dealing with it. I've become the housewife/cook I once was as well and a nurse maid. I must say though, that for a week and 2 days post-surgery (consisting of having alien things removed, and part of his bowel sliced & re-sectioned), he is doing amazingly well.
The good thing is that we are on baby watch. The last few month it appears that both Karen and the baby are much more healthy. She finally gained some weight...a whopping 9 pounds! I think I gained that my first month! And the baby, although small, is still in the safe range. Measurements say he is verging on 7 pounds, but they say these can go 2 pounds either way. Once she hit 36 weeks, they took her off all restrictions, which has done wonders. As it stands, if he doesn't make an appearance on his own by the 17th, they'll induce. Her due date is the 20th and they don't want to go past that. So in approximately 10 days, our status will be elevated to Grandparents!

All my creative abilities have been channeled to knitting and crocheting little sweaters, hats, and burp cloths. And I'm in 6 different blanket square swap groups! These are perfect though, because they're all small, uncomplicated, and can take my mind away for a while. I haven't scrapped or stamped. I try. But it just won't come. I'm sure when I have new baby pictures, it will all click again!

A little hat made from bamboo yarn

This is called Baby Yoda. How could I not knit this?!

Another sweater. I have little sailboat buttons to put on it.

Something I made for myself. I haven't used it yet because it really should be lined. But here it is!

And an "upstairs" blanket for the babe.

So that's it for now. Sorry it's not more exciting...but there it is. I'm off to make some orange roughy for dinner!


Lyn said...

We all know that life gets in the way of blogging. It's nice to see all your cook knitting projects. I'm so jealous, you do such beautiful work! Grandbaby is going to be styling for sure!! Always thinking and praying for you,Gary, Karen and the baby! Hang in there.

Deneen said...


I will have positive thoughts for you and Gary-

kris said...

sorry about all you and Gary have gone thru... will keep praying for y'all! YAY about Karen and the baby! I know you can't wait! Your knitting skills rock, such cute things!!