Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What the f*&# happened?!

So I'm sitting here yesterday, minding my own business, feeling fine. I was planning to head out to Bath & Body Works for prizes for the shower Sunday. I stood up and my back was a wee bit stiff. No big deal. I have a glitchy back...we all know that. So I started getting ready, performed a "necessary" task (use your imagination...I was about to leave the house), stood up...and my back really hurt. It was on the opposite side from where it usually was, so thought maybe I should do the pain-relieving yoga exercises. Well, long story short....I can barely walk! I've been hobbling around since yesterday afternoon with my cane, all bent over like Baba Yaga! What the h-e-double hockey-sticks?! One of the few weeks out of 52 I have things to do, and I'm a cripple?! I have a doctor's appointment today. I was hoping for a cortisone shot (I'm a big fan!), but I did my Google research and see that because the SI joint (where, I am pretty sure, lies the problem) is so deep that they have to be done with an x-ray. We'll may still be possible. I have 2 days to spare, but I must be at least able to get around by Friday! I've been dosing myself with a combination of Darvocet and Advil, but that doesn't seem to do the trick. It takes the edge off, but I still can barely walk.

HOWEVER...the shower is Sunday and I'm pretty excited. Karen and I were laughing last night. We're going to be quite a family table. She's on Level 2 restrictions (which means she probably shouldn't even go to the shower, but just try to keep her away!), Josh was riding his bike and bruised the bone in his leg, his mom fell at work and bruised her shoulder, and I can't walk!

I've been working away on centerpieces, favors, and some decorations. I'm pretty happy with the way all of them came out. I'll take pictures when they're all finished. I still have to go to B&BW for the prizes, Hallmark for wrapping paper, and Dollar Tree for bags. Oh and to Pat Catan's to pick up the last of the centerpieces that they had UPS'd from Wooster for me! I have to paint them, but that's no biggy. Just time consuming.

Karen's still having some difficulty with her pregnancy. The latest is possible gestation diabetes. Also the baby's head and femur measurements are at 31 weeks (2 weeks ahead), but the abdominal measurement is at 27 weeks (2 weeks behind). However that happened in a week; the last sonogram he was right on target, so he'll probably catch up this week. However, school's done and they're moved into their new place, so she has lots of time to rest and let Josh & Mommy & Daddy take care of her.

Gary's continuing to have more medication adding to his PD regimen. He seems a little out of it, but that could just be my imagination. Or he could just be ignoring me...

Now for some works of creativity: (usual disclaimers about everything looking better IRL apply)

I already scrapped this picture, but felt compelled to do it again, when the Product Pizazz assignment was to scrap a picture showing action.

The obligatory cat layout -

A summery baby blanket; it's much more sagey than it looks in the photo -

Wristlets & a Queen Anne's Lace Scarf I'm sending to a swap partner -

My very first sweater. It's called Baby Yoda and really is cute in person! (Really!)

And finally, a creation in that I planted the bush ages ago. I'm so glad that some things still bloom in spite of the fact that I no longer can garden.

Thanks for looking, and have a great day. I hope to be back soon with a Baby Shower report!



Lyn said...

Wow Linda, you have too much to do to be laid up with a bad back!! I REALLY hope it's nothing serious and you feel better soon. Love all your needle projects. Those wrist thingies are so hand always get so cold when I'm on the computer. And the scarf is to die for! Gorgeous!
I hope Karen is able to rest now that school is out and they're all moved. Still praying for her and the baby!

Carolyn said...

Oh no, Linda! I hope you are feeling better soon. I can't wait to see shower pictures and get the report.

kris said...

awwww.. hope you feel better soon, you have too much going on to feel crappy. Love all the things you've made!

Rachel V. said...

Can you tell how far behind I am in the blog reader????

I hope you are feeling better by now. I think we were suffering together. That's about when I start having pain again....of course I know what I did. Picking up an almost 50-lb. girl out of bed cause she was screaming with leg cramps. UGH!

Anyway, just this week I'm seeing some improvement. Hope you are too!!!