Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here it is...

Another rough week (for me...everything's fine with Karen!) But finally here are some shots from the shower. Some of the photos are a tad blurry because I didn't have the flas on, so my apologies for that! And the place was sort of dark for photography. None the less, some fun memories were preserved.

The happy parents-to-be. Josh attended the shower and was such a big help to Karen. She said she never would have been able to get through all the packages without him. He even managed to intercept a card that he knew would make her cry!

Ginny & Nicole came early from Pittsburgh to help me set up. That was much appreciated, as I wasn't feeling 100%!

The decorations looked good. A fun, different theme for a baby shower!

There were lots of guest, but the best were friends and family!

And thanks, Kelly, for taking the pictures during the "opening"!

Lots of great gifts! And enough money and gift cards to finish up the nursery!
Karen asked Josh to pick out their diaper bag, as she figured he'd be carrying it most of the time! So it's a nice Eddie Bauer! No man purse for him!

And of course, the obligatory belly shot!

It was a great time, but I think we're all glad it's over. Now it's just waiting for the baby to arrive! The doc thinks it could be by the 2nd week in July, but Karen doesn't think so. We're hoping he holds on a few more weeks! She's almost through week 31. Just a few more, Baby!



kris said...

awwwwwww.. she looks so cute & happy! Glad things are going well, hope they keep it up! The tables looked great! Time for you to rest now too, gotta have lots of energy when that baby gets here!

Rachel V. said...

Love the theme! How original!

And we had that same diaper bag (or at least the 2002 version). Used it through 2 babies....and since it really looks more like a duffle bag...we're still using it to tote stuff around.

I am so excited for all of you!!!