Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Well, Thanksgiving and all the birthdays are gone and the race for the holidaze is fully underway. The livingroom is scattered with ornaments, tinsel, and goodies yet to find a home to deck the halls. (I would be very, very happy if I could find the lovely tree topper I splurged on at Pottery Barn last year!)The UPS man is becoming a good friend, and the mail comes to the door daily! I have a few cards made. Baking ingredients are starting to stack up in the kitchen. I have 3 gifts on needles. And there are so many crafty ideas running around in my head. Yes, the pre-holidaze are upon me!

Have you noticed a theme in the previous paragraph? Nothing is done. Lots of things started. Many wonderful ideas. Nothing complete. Oh well...

Do you have Firefox? Did you ever wonder how many tabs you could open in your browser before it just spewed in protest? I see so many things in my reader that I want to copy, save, or do! I open up tabs to look at and they sit throughout the day. Right now, I have 16 open! LOL!

One of the best creative menus every year is from Tim Holtz. Once again he's doing his 12 Tags of Christmas. I don't usually do them now, but I save them for technique counseling later!

The lovelies at Bad Girls are always so generous in sharing their inspiration. If you missed their holiday workshop, shame on you! But today Tracie gave a tutorial for a wonderful little Post-It note holder that I may have to make for Karen.

If, unlike me, you don't have the time or inclination to cruise all over the interweb to find projects, you can always get a lot right here at Craft Scene!

Well, it's time for bed. I have a crop this week-end, so hopefully I'll have some cards or other creations to show you. Until then, ...


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