Monday, November 10, 2008

It's been more than a month...

...since I've blogged. I've been busy, but doing what, I probably couldn't tell you! LOL! I am gearing up for Christmas crafting. Hoping to make gifts for several folks. And I'll be making cards and gift tags.

I did get a Slice and I absolutely love it! It is so simple, and the discs have so many cool designs! I bought 3 discs in addition to the one that came with it, so I have lots of options.

Birthdays are upon us, also. Gary's is Friday; mine is Sunday; Karen's is a week from Friday. We're keeping it a little more low key this year. Save the frenzy for the rest of the holidaze!

Speaking of holiday crafting, check out the Second Annual Bad Girls Christmas Workshop. You won't find free projects like this anywhere else on the web! Yes, they're free, and they're awesome! So join us!

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Ordinary Housewife said...

Hi Linda - I found your blog in a list of bloggers from Hubbard. I'm the youngest of the Laney sisters from Hubbard. You may know my older sisters, Pam, Reenie or Kathy, or my brother, Jeff. Great blog! Love your photos!