Saturday, July 19, 2008

Finally! Some creativity!

First, you may have noticed I've added a soundtrack. I took it off a long time ago because someone (ahem...JLB) said it scared her. But everyone else has put them on their blogs and I thoroughly enjoy it! AND I know how to push the mute button if I need to! So...LMK what you think of my fairly eclectic collection. I have it set for shuffle, so it'll always be a surprise what you hear!

It appears MojoJojo snuck back into the scrap nook last night. I have an ATC swap on Ravelry. It's one of my favorite themes: nature. Of course, as it goes with scanning, I think they are much prettier IRL. They're not as dark. And there's glimmer mist and a gold border. But you get the idea. Oh, and JLB, the one on the bottom right is my new Tim Holtz stamp!

I had read a rave review some time ago about the Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colour Pencils. So I picked up a set of 12 at the stamp show last week-end and finally tried them out last night. (Might you know where that logical place is that I put my blending stumps?). They do blend a lot easier than the Prisma's. I was surprised. And they have a great texture. I have to be careful because I tend to be a little heavy handed with them.

So that's it for now. The kids are coming over later for dinner. That's always a fun time!



Rachel said...

Linda - those are beautiful!

Lyn said...

I LOVE your ATC's Linda! So pretty. Now you're making me want those pencils LOL

kris said...

very cool and yay for the music! ahem...JLB has music on her blog and not nearly as calm! LOL!

Anonymous said...

OK< now stop talking about me!!! Linda Linda Linda, since WHEN do you listen to me???? heeheehee And Kris, I BLAST my country music when I play it. The reason I actually got the music was because everyone else had it but no one had music I I got my own! You guys are CRAZY but I love you all! Now go pick on someone else.

But first Linda, I will come steal your stamps...and all your new supplies...I'll just play in your craft area!! The ATCs are gorgeous!

denean said...

Those pencils look like fun! LOVE your flower!!